Apply and be my hairstrokes makeup tattoo model!

I have been doing makeup tattooing for almost 10 years, which for me is not just a profession, but a calling, or love. Last year, I decided to take up a new challenge and also to improve myself by participating in competitions. This is why I entered the Wulop international makeup tattoo competition. I competed in two categories, hairstrokes with device and eyebrow shading. In the semi-finals, I achieved 1st place in both categories, so I was able to represent my country on the international stage in one of the categories I chose. Needless to say, it was a huge honor! In the end, I finished in 6th place ahead of the representatives of 21 countries in, hairstrokes with device technique.

I had no doubt that I would like to participate again in the competition to be held in 2023! My chosen category this year is HAIRSTROKES WITH DEVICE ! The Hungarian semifinal of the 2023 Wulop will be held on June 9 in Budapest

I am now looking for my perfect model for this occasion.

Even now, I believe that by participating in the competition, regardless of the result (again, of course, aiming for victory) my model and I can only be winners, we will be more!

The perfect candidate for hairstrokes makeup tattoo model is:

What you can gain by applying :

Please email the required photo for application to:, or !



1. full face (without makeup)

2. focus separately on both eyebrows

If you have any questions, please contact us!


You can read more about the World Union League of Permanent make-up brand-independent international make-up tattoo. competition, (i.e. WULOP), at the following links:,

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